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    ALIMA created the platform for Sahel medical NGOs in partnership with four national NGOs: BEFEN(Well-Being of Women and Children in Niger), Alerte Santé (Chad), AMCP (Medical Alliance Against Malaria, Mali) and SOS Médecins/Keoogo (Burkina Faso).

    This platform aims both to pool the skills of these NGOs and develop their responsiveness to health issues in their respective countries. The platform is designed to create synergy among its members and exploit ALIMA’s expertise to improve the efficiency and quality of care for all.

    All member organisations are directly involved in the strategic decision-making process via the inclusion of national NGOs presidents on ALIMA’s Board of Directors, and through the participation of many NGO staff members in the ALIMA association.

    ALIMA also has partnerships with:

    International organisations working in complimentary fields, in order to allow a more comprehensive response to the needs of a humanitarian situation. ALIMA worked with Solidarités International, an NGO specialising in water and sanitation, during the cholera epidemic in Haiti, and with Goal, who provided invaluable help in the field of food safety as part of the treatment of malnutrition.

    Research organisations, who provide invaluable support to ALIMA in the development of innovative solutions to improve humanitarian medicine. For example, ALIMA collaborated with the French National Institute for Medical Research to test Favipiravir, an experimental treatment for Ebola.