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    Cameroon: The Story of Modou, a health promoter in Mokolo (video)


    In the hospital in Moloko, in the Far North Region of Cameroon, ALIMA works with health promoters to instill good health practices in the populations and to prevent malnutrition and the appearance of ...

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    Cameroon: Intensive care at the Mokolo district hospital (video)


    ALIMA has been working in Cameroon’s Far North Region since May 2016. In the Mokolo health district, ALIMA supports pediatric and nutritional care at the district hospital.

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    Video: Nigeria battles against a large-scale Lassa fever outbreak


    As Nigeria faces its largest-ever recorded outbreak of Lassa fever, an emergency response team from ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) continues to support the response, which is le...

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    Bernardin: The Detective


    “My name is Bernardin Koalga, but they call me ‘the detective.’” This is how the 40-year-old health agent from Burkina Faso introduces himself.

    Bernardin, who is in charge of finding children who ...

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    Mapping malnutrition treatment coverage with mobile technology


    It’s just a few minutes past 6am, but already more than two-dozen community health agents from the ALIMA/SOS Médecins/Keoogo consortium have gathered in the courtyard of ALIMA’s office in Burkina Faso...

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    Video: ALIMA in 2017


    ​In 2017, ALIMA and its partners treated one million patients including 800,000 children under the age of five....

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    Optimizing the treatment of malnutrition


    ​Since 2012, ALIMA and its partners have been training mothers and other caregivers across Africa to use a simple, tri-colored bracelet, known as the MUAC, to screen their children for the earliest si...

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    Caring for nomads: medical consultations by telephone


    Since February 2017, ALIMA/BEFEN has been using mobile phone medical consultations to improve access to health care in Tchintabaraden.
    Thanks to these telephone consultations, 342 patients - even th...

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    Caring for nomads: Mobile health clinics in Niger (video)


    Since May 2016, ALIMA/BEFEN has improved access to healthcare in the Tchintabaraden health district thanks to the mobile clinics.
    1865 consultations were recorded by our mobile teams between January...

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    Guinea: a race against time to control the measles outbreak


    More than 3,500 children have been infected with measles in Guinea since January 2017. N’zerekore, in the southeastern forest region, is the most affected prefecture, with 513 cases reported between J...

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