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    SOUTH SUDAN: The ongoing fight against malaria


    Rainy season is well underway in South Sudan. And with the rains, come mosquitoes. With mosquitoes, comes malaria. ...

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    In South Sudan, ALIMA and its local NGO partner, AFOD (Action for Development), have been providing free health care in the hospital in the northwestern city of Raja since May 2017. Our teams have bee...

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    Nurses on the frontlines: Testimonies from the field


    Nurses around the world play a key role, each and every day, in delivering high-quality, life-saving medical care to patients. This is particularly true in conflict and crisis zones, where there is of...

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    The SMS interview with François: episode 2, in Aweil


    François is working in Juba, South Sudan as Assistant Head of Mission. He has been in South Sudan for a few weeks now and is currently in the field, in Aweil. He tells us more about his adventures in ...

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    The SMS interview with François


    François is off to Juba, South Sudan to work as assistant Head of Mission. During his visit to ALIMA's headquarters in Dakar, we exchanged numbers and he graciously accepted to take part in an SMS int...

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    South Sudan: Mobile clinics respond to malaria peak


    Early each morning, medical teams from ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) load up a small truck with lifesaving medications and supplies, and drive as long as two hours into remote ...

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    South Sudan: « Each day we continue to save the lives of our patients »


    At the Raja State Hospital in South Sudan’s Lol State, the power goes out each morning. It won’t come back on for another 12 hours. Health staff can switch on a newly-acquired generator to provide ele...

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    South Sudan: Populations threatened by nutritional crisis


    DAKAR, May 15, 2017 - For nearly three years, South Sudan has been plagued by a civil war that has displaced 1.9 million people, leaving more than 5 million people in need of food assistance and more ...

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