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    Testimony from the field: 3 questions to Clarisse, Nutritional Assistant in Chad


    Clarisse Allaira Bakada has been running awareness campaigns at the Intensive Therapeutic Feeding Center (ITFC) within the Chad-China Friendship Hospital in N'Djaména, Chad, since 2013. A midwife by p...

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    Humanitarian Leaders call for a Transformation in Acute Malnutrition Treatment


    Acute malnutrition is a major global public health threat. At least 50 million children under five suffer from acute malnutrition (an extreme loss of weight that impairs health), and nearly 50% of und...

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    "My name is Mustapha and I am a nutritionnal assistant here, in Nigeria"


    "My name is Mustapha. I am a nutritional assistant here at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. I work in ALIMA's Intensive Therapeutic Feeding Center (ITFC). I want to help children's healt...

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    Back from Kasai: "in the heart of the void". A photographer’s testimony


    Alexis Huguet, is a freelance photographer who has been living in Africa for the past three years. Today he tells us about his second mission for ALIMA, which took him to the Kasai region in DRC. Whil...

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    KASAI: “The nutritional needs in this region are enormous”

    Imagine: your child is hungry, but your food stocks have been depleted. Your child has lost weight and is suffering from diarrhea - you know you need to take your child to a health center, but the nea...

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    “The work is exhausting, but rewarding”


    Doctor Ousmane Abdoulaye, an attending physician with ALIMA/Alerte Santé within the Chad-China Friendship Hospital’s Inpatient Therapeutic Feeding Center, describes what it is like to work each day, c...

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    Training health workers to treat malnutrition


    ALIMA has set up specialized training schools providing practical, on-the-job training for doctors and nurses to improve treatment for children hospitalized with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) with c...

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    Cameroon: The Story of Modou, a health promoter in Mokolo (video)


    In the hospital in Moloko, in the Far North Region of Cameroon, ALIMA works with health promoters to instill good health practices in the populations and to prevent malnutrition and the appearance of ...

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    Cameroon: Intensive care at the Mokolo district hospital (video)


    ALIMA has been working in Cameroon’s Far North Region since May 2016. In the Mokolo health district, ALIMA supports pediatric and nutritional care at the district hospital.

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    Cameroon: Despite conflict, hospital care continues


    Every day, the ambulance for the Minawao refugee camp parks in front of the Mokolo District Hospital in Cameroon’s Far North Region. Inside, worried mothers hold their feverish children in their arms...

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