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    COVID-19 in Cameroon: The challenge of integrating mental health care into the pandemic response


    As many countries prepare for a potential second wave of COVID-19, the spread of the virus in Africa continues to grow. In Cameroon, faced with fear or denial of the disease, ALIMA (The Alliance for I...

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    DR CONGO: Training to save lives threatened by Ebola or Coronavirus


    In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ALIMA is strengthening the capacity of multidisciplinary teams for the prevention and management of outbreaks, such as Coronavirus or Ebola, including quality ...

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    COVID-19: "African countries need reinforcement in terms of qualified medical staff, medical supplies, and equipment, as well as medicines."


    Interview with Nicolas Mouly, ALIMA’s Program Manager for Emergency Response and Country Openings...

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    COVID-19: "African health systems are very fragile and not ready to face this pandemic."


    Interview with Dr. Papys Lame, Medical Manager for ALIMA’s Emergency and Country Openings Service ...

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    Coronavirus outbreak in Africa?


    ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) prepares to provide support to national authorities to limit the possible spread in Africa....

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    ALIMA in 2019 : Discover a selection of our best images


    In 2019, ALIMA's teams intervened in 11 African countries, combining humanitarian expertise, local partnerships, research and innovation, to provide quality health care during humanitarian crises. A l...

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    ALIMA: an African Medical Alliance that is transforming humanitarian aid


    Created in 2009, ALIMA aims to transform humanitarian medicine using an innovative intervention model that combines humanitarian action, research and local partnerships. In 2019, ALIMA teams worked in...

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    AIRE Project: Improving the Identification of Respiratory Distress in Children


    Launched in July 2019, a new initiative funded by Unitaid aims to improve access to diagnostic tools for seriously ill children. In order to improve primary health care and reduce child mortality, Uni...

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    Meet ALIMA’s Executive Director: Augustin Augier


    Augustin Augier, former Secretary General of ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) was appointed as the new Executive Director, in January 2019. Nominated by the Board of Directors, he...

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    ALIMA’s CUBE honored by the French Presidential Council for Africa


    ALIMA’s CUBE (a Biosecure Emergency Care Unit) has been highlighted in the most recent publication of “Carnets de Santé en Afrique,” a series of portraits of innovative medical initiatives launched in...

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