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    COVID-19: "We had to adapt very quickly and find new solutions to guarantee the safety of our teams in the field"


    Oumy Mbaye has been working as ALIMA’s Supply Manager for the past three years. Based at our headquarters in Dakar, Senegal, Oumy has carried out several missions in the field: in Cameroon, in the Dem...

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    "At the moment, solidarity remains a major asset in dealing with the situation."


    Interview with Valérie Chanfreau, ALIMA's mental health specialist...

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    Dakar: a patient cured of COVID-19 shares her story to raise awareness


    In Dakar, Senegal, Anna*, a 24-year-old student suffering from COVID-19, was treated and cared for at the University Hospital of Fann. After five days in hospital, she was released cured. Anna looks b...

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    Today, ALIMA is launching on social networks our digital mobilization campaign #OXYGENFORAFRICA, to fight against COVID-19 in Africa, in order to save lives and in particular to provide oxygen concent...

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    COVID-19: "African countries need reinforcement in terms of qualified medical staff, medical supplies, and equipment, as well as medicines."


    Interview with Nicolas Mouly, ALIMA’s Program Manager for Emergency Response and Country Openings...

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    COVID-19: "African health systems are very fragile and not ready to face this pandemic."


    Interview with Dr. Papys Lame, Medical Manager for ALIMA’s Emergency and Country Openings Service ...

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    COVID-19: ALIMA alerts on the critical situation in Africa


    The risk of the transmission of COVID-19 in Africa is of particular concern because of the limited resources of countries to provide appropriate care to patients and to put in place an adequate respon...

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    Press release: ALIMA calls for the emergency deployment of staff, medicine and materials necessary for all humanitarian activities in Africa


    "It's just a matter of days before the virus spreads further across the African continent. In sub-Saharan Africa, however, health systems are already very fragile. If the epidemic spreads to these reg...

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    Coronavirus outbreak in Africa?


    ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) prepares to provide support to national authorities to limit the possible spread in Africa....

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    ALIMA: an African Medical Alliance that is transforming humanitarian aid


    Created in 2009, ALIMA aims to transform humanitarian medicine using an innovative intervention model that combines humanitarian action, research and local partnerships. In 2019, ALIMA teams worked in...

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