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    The Central African Republic has suffered severe political instability and intercommunity violence since a coup ousted President François Bozizé in March 2013. Some of the population has been forced to flee to neighboring countries; those who remain – including many who are internally displaced – are very vulnerable.

    Malaria is endemic, and remains the main cause of mortality in the country. Access to healthcare is very limited.


    To improve access to healthcare following the coup, ALIMA has provided support to five health centers on the outskirts of Bangui since late 2013. Medical teams are available at sites for internally displaced people in Carmel and Moukassa.

    Our teams supply medicines to healthcare facilities and deliver medical consultations, maternity services, vaccination campaigns, and malnutrition screening and management for children. The organization has also built a nine-bed maternity unit in the Petevo neighbourhood in Bangui.

    ALIMA set up a health center complete with hospital facilities and an operating room in a muslim enclave and in an IDP camp offering people living both inside and outside it access to primary and secondary healthcare. Almost 1,165 surgical procedures were carried out in 2015.

    Three health centers have been refurbished on the outskirts of Bangui, in Boboua, Boganda, and Boganangon. ALIMA teams also run mobile clinics providing healthcare to people living in the forest.

    In the Boda district, 180 kilometers southwest of Bangui, there are seven displacement sites. ALIMA has refurbished healthcare facilities in this area as well, in particular the district hospital.